Andoni Mouza by Cristian Barnett

Each week we will interview one or two mice who appear in Sweets Made Simple, BBC2, 8.30pm. This was recorded soon after broadcast. 


Italian Motor racer, Andoni Mouza.

We caught up with Andoni Mouza and his titanium tail, 64, at his Cannes apartment. We asked him how it felt to win the Italian Grano Padano at Mouza.

‘As I came out of the chicane the Mouserati went into lock-up,’ he said spraying champagne over his Victoria Secrets girlfriend Miranda Kurd, 22, ‘my nerves sang like an uptight cheese wire dissecting a stubborn parmesan.’ !

Miss Kurd, wearing a Darling Demi Push-up $39.99, told our reporters. ‘He goes like a rat up a drain pipe.’

Sweets Made Simple by Cristian Barnett

Last Friday saw the first episode of Sweets Made Simple, on BBC2. The stars of the show are the splendid Miss Hope and Mr Greenwood who are behind the super successful sweets brand Hope and Greenwood. Earlier this year I shot some new work for their book to accompany the TV series ( currently number 1 on the Amazon food chart I believe ) and at the same time I was asked by the TV production company if I would be interested in making some stop-frame animations to introduce each recipe for the show. As I had animated no more than 3 minutes of footage in my entire life I was more than daunted but accepted anyway and off I went. The brief was pretty open and I decided to work exclusively with sugar mice ( one of which appeared in my first film for H&G about 4 years ago ). Once the series has finished I will post extended directors cuts of all the films. 


Whisky - The Manual. Mitchell Beazley. by Cristian Barnett

Not exactly hot off the press but a couple of months ago Whisky - The Manual arrived at home. My first ever shoot was for Food Illustrated in 1999 when they kindly sent me to the States to cover a Whiskey story so the subject has always been close to my professional heart. Dave Broom's book is everything you might want to know about the history and production of whisky but for me it's the How to Drink section which makes this book particularly interesting. Dave tasted 102 whiskies, each one in six different ways. The revelation here is Green Tea which seems to bring out the best in many a dram. We shot these in the fabulously atmospheric Whistling Shop near Liverpool street, prepared by mixmaster Ryan Cheti. 

575 Wandsworth Road by Cristian Barnett

Shot originally for the National Trust magazine, these photographs can be seen in the July issue of BBC Antiques Roadshow magazine. This extraordinary house is hidden behind the ordinary facade of a Georgian terraced house on a busy South London road. The former home of novelist and poet Khadambi Asalache has been preserved by the NT and now visitors can wonder at the time he spent making the intricate fretwork carvings that cling to every wall and ceiling. An astonishing place indeed and well worth a visit. The spirit of Khadambi is still very much in evidence. 

Wondsworth Grid.jpg

The French Kitchen, Michel Roux Jr by Cristian Barnett

When I tell people I have worked with Michel Roux Jr people always ask if he is as nice in real life as he is on TV. Yes he is. 

This book was shot in part at Michel’s house in France with one of the best teams I have ever worked with. After a hard days shooting it was a pleasure indeed to have dinner cooked and hosted by the man himself. 

Tom Kerridge's Proper Pub Food by Cristian Barnett

This book shot straight to number 1 in the Amazon book charts after Tom’s first appearance on the TV show bearing the same name. He has really struck a chord with the British public cooking up simple hearty ( and very meaty ! ) food. This was a great book to work on and we even did a through the night food shoot at the Hand and Flowers starting after service at 11pm and finishing in time for breakfast. image

Kevin Dundon's Modern Irish Food by Cristian Barnett


August saw the release of Kevin Dundon’s Modern Irish Food published by Octopus. Although not too well known here in the UK, Kevin is a household name in Ireland and is a regular on TV in the States. We shot this book at Dunbrody House, Kevin’s beautiful Georgian hotel in county Wexford.