Andoni Mouza / by Cristian Barnett

Each week we will interview one or two mice who appear in Sweets Made Simple, BBC2, 8.30pm. This was recorded soon after broadcast. 


Italian Motor racer, Andoni Mouza.

We caught up with Andoni Mouza and his titanium tail, 64, at his Cannes apartment. We asked him how it felt to win the Italian Grano Padano at Mouza.

‘As I came out of the chicane the Mouserati went into lock-up,’ he said spraying champagne over his Victoria Secrets girlfriend Miranda Kurd, 22, ‘my nerves sang like an uptight cheese wire dissecting a stubborn parmesan.’ !

Miss Kurd, wearing a Darling Demi Push-up $39.99, told our reporters. ‘He goes like a rat up a drain pipe.’