Sweets Made Simple / by Cristian Barnett

Last Friday saw the first episode of Sweets Made Simple, on BBC2. The stars of the show are the splendid Miss Hope and Mr Greenwood who are behind the super successful sweets brand Hope and Greenwood. Earlier this year I shot some new work for their book to accompany the TV series ( currently number 1 on the Amazon food chart I believe ) and at the same time I was asked by the TV production company if I would be interested in making some stop-frame animations to introduce each recipe for the show. As I had animated no more than 3 minutes of footage in my entire life I was more than daunted but accepted anyway and off I went. The brief was pretty open and I decided to work exclusively with sugar mice ( one of which appeared in my first film for H&G about 4 years ago ). Once the series has finished I will post extended directors cuts of all the films.